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Drink up your cooked breakfast

A full cooked? One lump or two?

Tucking into a takeaway for lunch or dinner may be commonplace but we Brits have yet to really get the habit of having a takeaway for breakfast.

One company hopes to change that as they trial the world’s first liquid fry-up. Yeah, yeah, we know. The thought of a liquid fry-up is making us think that we might lose our breakfast rather than feel peckish.

Cooked breakfast in a carton

However, the company, called Fuel Your 10k Hours, is convinced that the only thing standing between Britain and a full English/Scottish is convenience. Billed as the ‘ultimate in convenience foods’, Fuel’s liquid fry-up ‘contains all the traditional English breakfast goodies into a carton so people can enjoy the sizzle of a fry-up on the go, without the hassle of washing up’.

If the press release is to be believed, the R&D team at Fuel spent six months developing the drink – a process which involved tasting over 500 fry-ups.

Barney Mauleverer, co-founder at Fuel Your 10K Hours, said: ‘A full English is the quintessential British breakfast staple and is packed full of protein, recognised as a key factor in satisfying hunger and keeping you feeling fuller for longer.

Time poor

‘We wanted to create a way for people to enjoy it on the go, without needing to spend time slaving away in the kitchen. As a nation, we’ve never been so time-poor so this is the perfect antidote for those who regularly miss breakfast.’

The 5pm Takeaway blog isn’t convinced by a liquid fry-up. It all sounds a bit too much like the sort of protein drinks fed to invalids. Actually, it all sounds like an April Fool that has been released a few months too early.

As we noted at the top of this blog, the liquid fry-up is only being trialled at the moment and we suspect that it’s a stunt for their other, more conventional, liquid breakfast flavours.

To be honest, we would rather grab a bacon roll than gulp down a liquidised cooked breakfast. Alternatively, we would just hang on until lunchtime when a fine array of food to go vendors open for business.