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Smells like chicken…

The fried chicken candle: making home smell like chicken

With Thanksgiving within touching distance, the 5pm Takeaway blog thought it only appropriate that we should turn to America for inspiration once more.

When it comes to takeaway stories, there is just no beating the Land of the Free. Although having said that, Japan’s dining culture seldom fails to throw up some interesting tics and quirks.

Homely touch

Courtesy of the Kentucky for Kentucky website, we have learned of a new range of scented candles designed to make your home smell of fried chicken.

Made from soy wax and a secret blend of spices, the candles are said to ‘Let the fresh, fried sizzle of savory golden goodness drift into your hearts and homes’.

Apparently, the first batch of fried chicken candles sold out in under a minute. The second batch goes on sale this morning.

Jo Malone, eat your heart out.

Sweating like a…

Mind you, it does make us wonder if there might be a market for scented candles aimed at the British market? Eau de fish supper? Invigorating salt and vinegar? The kebab candle?

Naturally, our American friends are one step ahead when it comes to melding food and scented products. Anyone fancy freshening up with some Power Bacon deodorant?

Power Bacon deodorant: ideal for first dates with someone who really likes bacon