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New takeaways in Glasgow. Oh, and one in Edinburgh

So this week’s 5pm Takeaway blog was going to point you towards this piece on what your choice of sandwich says about you.

Then we saw this piece on what your cocktail says about you and thought it was funnier.

And then we thought that we would write a piece on what your choice of takeaway says about you but figured that might be a bad idea that would lead to us getting our wrist slapped. Although we may still do it.

Fortunately, after digging around for a bit, we were saved from all of these options by some actual takeaway food news. You know, something that might actually be useful.

Grab a burger

On Glasgow’s Otago Street, Skinny’s is a new bar and burger joint that does takeaway as well as sit-in. Burgers are the main focus and Skinny’s serves eight different varieties plus their burger of the week.

They also do buckets of fried chicken, skinny wings and, if you really need some comfort food, they sell cheese toasties.

Do a dumpling

Meanwhile on Dumbarton Road, Dumpling Monkey is a new Chinese caff and takeaway which, as the name implies, offers  a range of dumplings alongside the noodles, wonton soups and bowls of congee.

They also serve bao zi – steamed buns filled with pork and cabbage or beef and carrot.

On the other side of the M8, Pig in a Poke has brought the pork to Rose Street. Much like Oink, they offer roast/BBQ pork rolls to takeaway or sit in.

Naturally, 5pm Takeaway has a vast array of different takeaway restaurants ready to deliver to your door. With online menu browsing and ordering, it’s a quick and convenient way have your fave takeaway delivered.