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Flights of fancy

The American biscuit: best served with multiple gravies? Pic from Biscuit Head

Restaurants that offer flights of wine are nothing new and some enterprising Scottish bars such as the Inn on the Mile have taken to offering flights of whisky and craft beers.

It’s a clever idea. The customer gets to try manageable measures of three or four different drinks without busting the bank or being blotto. For the operator, it encourages customers to trade up and sample more expensive wines than they might do normally.

Biscuits and gravy

However, the 5pm Takeaway blog was tickled and astounded to see that a restaurant in North Carolina has started to offer its customers flights of gravy.

Biscuit Head serves the American classic pairing of biscuits and gravy. Where they veer form the norm is that they also offer diners the opportunity to taste three different gravies with their biscuits.

Can’t choose between espresso red eye, sweet potato coconut or smoked tomato Creole? Have them all.

Gravy sommelier

Not everyone has been impressed. The Gurgling Cod blog wonders how long it will be before diners are startled to find a gravy sommelier standing by their table offering them the gravy list.

While it is easy to scoff at some of our American cousin’s more bizarre food customs, some of our own might appear odd to visitors.

Can’t decide between chips, a kebab, cheese or pakora? Have them all in a munchie box.