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What’s for dinner? Sniff this

Not for the first time, the 5pm Takeaway blog is indebted to the Japanese for providing yet more offbeat fast food inspiration.

This week’s blog post comes courtesy of Scentee – a scent atomiser which can be attached to your smartphone and used to puff out mood-altering smells. Need to wake up in the morning? Plug a coffee cartridge into your phone and set your alarm.

Need to sharpen up? Try mint flavour. Is your tiny Tokyo apartment beginning to smell rather too strongly of your gym bag? Set the rose cartridge to overdrive.

Taste with your nose

One of the most bonkers Scentee applications are its hana yakiniku cartridges. Apparently, hana yakaniku can be translated as ‘tasting with your nose’ and Scentee’s yakiniku cartridges come in three flavours: beef rib, salted tongue and buttered potato.

The YouTube clip seems to suggest that skint students and women on a diet can fool their bodies into thinking that they have had a delicious beef rib meal by using Scentee.

How? Simple. Just skoosh beef rib at vapour at them while they tuck into a bowl of rice or salad leaves. The beefy vapours are accompanied by the sights and sounds of sizzling beef.

What could possibly go wrong?

New definition of aroma therapy

Better still is the part of the ad which suggests that a hana yakaniku cartridge could be key to a successful date.

At first, we were pretty sure that this is a prank but no, Scentee cartridges can be ordered on Amazon.

The 5pm Takeaway blog wishes the manufacturers of Scentee all the best but, at the same time, we hope to never have to rely on Scentees for a good meal.

Online takeaway offers

If you prefer your dinner to offer something more substantial than a whiff of beef rib or hint of baked spud, then remember 5pm Takeaway.

All it takes is a couple of clicks to get your favourite food delivered to your door from the best takeaways in your local area.