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News from the far fringes of fast food

Waiter, there is a beard in my soup. Pic from Incredibeard

Being of the beardy persuasion ourselves, the 5pm Takeaway blog felt very jealous when we learned of Mr Incredibeard.

Not only can the San Franciscan use his beard to eat noodles from, he can also sculpt it into a fast food holder.

The 5pm Takeway blog beard is a poor specimen and has never managed to hold more than a few crumbs of cheese so we are rather in awe of Mr Incredibeard’s efforts.

More eco-friendly than bagging your takeaway order. Pic from Incredibeard

Man Vs Food: man wins

The 5pm Takeaway blog is always happy to hear good news from its heroes so we were well chuffed to learn via Foodbeast that Adam Richman of Man Vs Food fame has lost a whopping 60lbs.

Mr Richman filmed his last episode of the food challenge show earlier this year. We are not quite sure how it happened but apparently the weight just fell off once he stopped eating burgers weighing 6lbs.

The body sure works in mysterious ways.

Shhh! People eating!

Finally, the 5pm Takeaway blog was tickled to learn of the silent dinners held at Eat restaurant in Brooklyn.

The idea is that guests don’t talk to anyone else and mobile phones are banned. The restaurant had its first silent dinner earlier this month and it sold out.

Apparently, the owner got the idea after staying in a Buddhist monastery where meals were taken in silence.

The 5pm Takeaway blog has a similar experience at home every night that Downton Abbey is on. We all sit there watching in silence while scoffing a takeaway curry. The first person to speak has to go and do a tea run.