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More strange tales from fast food’s frontiers

Twerking pudding: the ideal gift for the man who has everything? Pic via http://kinokorin.tumblr.com

Whenever the 5pm Takeaway blog needs some fast food inspiration, we look to the land of the rising sun. Japan seldom disappoints when it comes to kooky new takes on things to put in your mouth.

This week is no exception.

Miley Cyrus may have raised the profile of twerking thanks to her recent antics at MTV’s VMA show but it seems that the Japanese are way ahead of the former Hannah Montana.

Why watch Miley shake her tush when the Japanese have developed a twerking pudding?

Apparently, the mould for the bum jelly comes from a Japanese cartoon character. If you are tempted then you can buy one from Amazon here. You may need to brush up on your Japanese.

Fast food goes mobile

Meanwhile, KFC in the States have come up with a new way to encourage customers to eat more of their products: take out containers that fit in car cup holders.

The company did some research and discovered that 42% of Americans would be more likely to eat in their cars if food containers fitted in their cup holders.

Currently, most people use their cup holders to contain phones, coins and rubbish rather than drinks.

Not wishing to be accused of being deaf to their customers’ wishes, KFC promptly developed a range of GO Cups filled with wings, wedges and so on.

Traffic jam snacks

Handy if you are stuck in a gridlock but it does make the 5pm Takeaway blog wonder how long it will be before KFC GO Cups crop up in traffic accident reports – ‘I was trying to make a right turn while chowing down on a hot wing and the steering wheel slipped between my greasy fingers.’

We are also intrigued as to how KFC’s GO Cups might alter the portrayal of American cops. Traditionally, donuts were the snack of the choice for cops on a stakeout.

Will chicken littles in a cup become the new staple diet of the bored police officer?

KFC GO Cups: making hungry car journeys history