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Glasgow is UK’s second city of curry

Curry Capital of Britain: there is always next year

It is with regret that the 5pm Takeaway blog must report that Bradford has beaten Glasgow into second place in the annual Curry Capital of Britain awards.

Taking place for the eleventh time, the competition aims to find the best UK city for curry lovers. This is the third time in a row that Bradford has taken the curry crown. Wolverhampton came third.

Glasgow 4 X winner

Glasgow has taken the title four times in the competition’s history.

We’re still not sure what tipped it in Bradford’s favour although their bid did include chicken karahi flavour crisps which can’t be overlooked.

The 5pm Takeaway blog contacted Glasgow’s foremost curry fans at Trampy and the Tramp’s Glasgow of Curry for reaction to this breaking story.

Podium gridlock

Here is the Tramp’s official statement:

Trampy: ‘We’re all about breaking out of old habits and trying something new at Trampy and The Tramp’s Glasgow of Curry so I can’t say I’m thrilled by the apparent gridlock on the Curry Capital podium – that’s the same top three result since 2011. But at least it points to consistency in curry excellence. So well done to Bradford, and to everyone involved in the Glasgow bid for placing a very respectable second. We enjoy a friendly rivalry with the Wolverhampton campaign so I’ll just say this: nae luck!’

The Tramp: ‘Congratulations to Bradford on scoring a hot hat-trick and sealing the deal for the third year in a row. Of course I’m disappointed for Glasgow but we’ll be back fighting next year … and at least we beat Wolverhampton. To be fair, Bradford came up with the concept of the Poppadomathon and for that alone they surely deserved the win.’

Trampy: ‘If this was Formula 1, they would probably change the structure or rules of the competition to try and shake things up and keep things interesting. Curry Capital has evolved in many ways since it was resurrected, so maybe they could explore some alternate judging criteria for 2014? Not just so Glasgow can win – which it should – but to shine a light on some of efforts of the other cities.’

Next year

Ah well, there is always next year. Until then, you can support Glasgow’s fantastic Indian restaurants by eating from them for as long as your spice receptors can take it.

You can browse the menus and order from all the 5pm Takeaway Indians in Glasgow from here.