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Try before you die

Fish 'n' chips: deserve to be eaten much more than once in a lifetime.

Kitchen appliance people Kenwood have come up with a Food Lovers Bucket List. It consists of 50 grub-related experiences to try before you die.

The 5pm Takeaway blog has managed seventeen out of 50 which seems rather poor.

The bucket list has been compiled by top scran monsters such as the TV chef Simon Rimmer, critic Giles Coren and writer William Sitwell.

Sushi in Tokyo

The list is a colourful one which veers between the exotic – eat sushi at Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market – and the everyday – bake a chocolate cake with your kids.

Some of the suggestions will seem to be more or less exotic depending on where you live. Number 49 is to toast a haggis with whisky.

Fairly commonplace in Scotland but less so elsewhere.


Number thirteen is catching and cooking a mackerel on a beach. The last time that this 5pm Takeaway blogger tried to catch a mackerel, it involved a Canadian canoe being dashed against rocks and a mad scramble to dry land. Put me off mackerel for a while.

Get your forage on

Catching your own fish is not the only Ray Mears-style suggestion. The list also recommends going blackberry picking and foraging for wild strawberries.

We liked number two in the list: drink posh plonk with a takeaway. We’re not convinced by the idea of having red wine with a curry but we did like the suggestion that we should all drink fizz with fish and chips at least once.

Number 45 is eating fish ‘n’ chips. Combine it with a quick trip to the supermarket for a bottle of bubbles and bingo! Two down, only 48 to go.