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Lunch rut? The solution is here

The pizzaburger: what happens a daddy burger loves a mummy pizza very much

Regular readers of the 5pm Takeaway blog will be well aware that fast food companies are relentless in their quest to develop new and sometimes weird products with which to tempt customers.

Fry that soup

In the last few days, we have learned that KFC in Japan is to introduce deep-fried soup to their stores while in the US Boston’s: The Gourmet Pizza chain has started selling a burger in a pizza.

That’s right, the pizzaburger. It is a beef patty which is covered in tomato sauce and cheese before being baked in pizza dough.

At least some effort has gone into the pizzaburger. We have also found out that the American Burger King has introduced a new line called the French Fry Burger. As the name suggests, it’s a burger with fries in it.

Burger buttie?

Rumours that the British version will be called the Burger Buttie couldn’t be confirmed before we posted this.

The $64,000 question is ‘Do we want all this variety?’

A survey released by snack sellers the Wonderful Pistachio found that most people in the UK are very set in their ways, at least when it comes to lunch.

50% chance of a dull lunch

Apparently one in eight of us eats the same thing for lunch every day while 50% of think that our lunches are dull.

In descending order, the most popular lunches are a ham sandwich followed by a cheese and then a chicken sandwich. The humble egg sandwich and vegetable soup are in joint fourth place with tomato soup in fifth.

The 5pm Takeaway blog has seldom said no to a ham sarnie but eating one every day would be a drag.

Of course, if you wanted an exciting alternative to an al desko egg sandwich, then a 5pm Takeaway is just a click away.