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Would sir care to see the water menu?

Berg bottled water: only $20

The 5pm Takeaway blog enjoyed a chuckle at the latest menu monstrosity to come out of Los Angeles.

Going quite some way to explain why some people call the town La La Land, a Los Angeles restaurant today launched its 45 page water menu.

Coming in longer than many a restaurant’s wine list, the water menu at Ray’s and Stark Bar, part of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, offers premium bottled waters from around the world.

Costing from $8 to $20 a bottle, the list has waters from Wales to Hawaii. The most expensive is the Canadian water Berg which is harvested from glaciers in western Greenland.

Water tasting notes

Each bottle has its own tasting notes and a sliding scale detailing how smooth, complex, sweet and salty it is. According to Martin Riese, the water sommelier at the restaurant, terroir affects water just as it does wine.

There is no denying that different bottled waters have different flavours just as the tap water in different British regions tastes different.

Whether or not anyone needs a choice of twenty different waters to drink with their meal is another matter.

Water for £50 a litre

While the 5pm Takeaway blog does like laughing at some of the more absurd dietary habits of our American cousins, in this case, the joke is on the Brits.

Claridge’s in London offered diners a water tasting menu way back in 2007. Originally, their water tasting list numbered some thirty different waters priced at up to £50 a litre.

Interestingly, since the financial crisis struck in 2007, Claridge’s has scaled back its watery ambitions. Its wine list now has a rather more manageable four choices.