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The Neo-Burger


The 5pm Takeaway blog sometimes has to make hard editorial decisions about what to cover in each blog post.

Is the rising popularity of cro-nuts more important than the Chinese man who tried to smuggle his pet tortoise through airport security in hamburger?

Tricky, hmm?

This time around there was no such dilemma.

When it comes to takeaway food, there is only one story in town this week: the lab-grown burger.

Covered by just about every news source in the world, this was the week in which a food scientist at a Dutch university unveiled a beef burger which he had grown from stem cells in a laboratory.

Google burger

The project was partially bankrolled by Google co-founder Sergey Brin.

The idea behind the ‘Google burger’ is that it uses less resources to make lab-grown meat than to rear livestock using more conventional methods.

Its backers hope that could help fight global food shortages.

Juicy texture

Two people who tried the finished burger reckoned that it tasted of meat but remarked that it wasn’t juicy enough. Apparently, the scientists have found it difficult to cultivate the fat cells which would give the burger more of a juicy texture.

Responses to the news have ranged from animal rights groups welcoming it with open arms to others wheeling out charges of Franken-foods.

Dr Post, the scientist behind the project, thinks that meat grown in labs will be on the supermarket shelves within the next two decades.

If the thought of eating such a thing disturbs you then you can probably quit worrying. The current cost of each lab-grown burger is around £250,000 so it’s not the sort of product which is likely to find itself in the food chain by accident.

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