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All aboard the pizza express


Pizza: tastes best on the 5.50 train from Port Talbot to Manchester

The 5pm Takeaway blog loves a daring delivery story. In the past, we have regaled you with tales of sushi delivered by private jets and pizza being delivered to the International Space Station.

The latest to float our boat is the story of the Pizza Hut branch which delivered to a customer on a train as it made a brief scheduled stop at Newport station.

First class service

A week or so ago, Lucie Mathieson was on route from Port Talbot in South Wales to Manchester. The journey takes over four hours and there was no buffet on the train. Unfortunately, Lucie had also forgotten to pack any grub.

Feeling peckish while on the train , she had the bright idea of phoning pizza joints to see if they would deliver to a station on route.

Ms Mathieson unsuccessfully tried to persuade two Newport pizza firms to deliver to her train before the manager at the Newport Pizza Hut accepted the challenge.

Fast track pizza

Despite the fact that there was only a 50 second window of opportunity to deliver the order, Joe, the Pizza Hut delivery guy, managed to meet with Ms Mathieson on the platform where he handed over her order of one deep pan pepperoni and one thin crust chicken and mushroom.

Here at the 5pm Takeaway blog, we don’t care if it turns out to be a manufactured PR stunt. Lucie, it was a smart idea. Joe, we salute your timing.

2-4-1 Glasgow pizza

Incidentally, if this story has got you thinking about pizza then check out our Big Deal with Glasgow’s NY Slice .

The full terms and conditions will be listed when the Big Deal goes live tomorrow (Thu 22nd August). Essentially, it’s a two for one offer on any large pizza from their New York pizza pie selection.

It’s a great deal but, before you ask, no, they won’t deliver to your train as it stops in Glasgow.