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Super fast food

Elvis:pictured in the days before scoffing twenty-odd Fool's Gold Loaves seemed perfectly normal

Everyone wants their takeaway delivered quickly but few people are prepared to go to the lengths of Roman Abramovich who is said to have had an order of sushi delivered by private plane.

Apparently, the Chelsea owner was in Azerbaijan when he was overcome with a craving for sushi. Most people might ask if there was anywhere local that could help and, if not, they would perhaps just wait for the moment to pass.

If the craving became too much then mere mortals might have tried to alleviate their suffering with a little jar of pickled cockles from a chippie or, at a push, a bag of prawn cocktail.

Not so Mr Abramovich who ordered a sushi selection from Ubon in Canary Wharf and had it flown 3000 miles in his private jet from Luton Airport to Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

Nearly as barking is the story about Elvis who flew from Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee to Denver, Colorado in order to satisfy an itch for the delicacy known as the Fool’s Gold Loaf.

Comprising a hollowed out loaf filled with a pound of bacon, a jar of peanut butter and a jar of grape jelly, it would just about floor a hungry lion. Or a peckish Elvis.

LegendĀ  has it that The King was sitting at home shooting the breeze with a couple of chums when talk turned to the Fool’s Gold Loaf made by the Colorado Mine Company, a very fashionable restaurant.

Despite the fact that it was almost midnight, Elvis placed an order at the restaurant and then flew in his private jet to Denver to pick it up.

The restaurant owner drove the order out to the airport hangar where he delivered 22 Fool’s Gold Loaves. I’m guessing that no-one fancied breakfast first thing the next morning.

The full story is here.